The Best Stovetop Coffee – How to make it!

A few years ago, after a visit to a coffee house in Sydney, I was inspired to learn how to make my own expresso at home. I enjoy a great coffee & most of the coffees you buy are nice but just not FABULOUS!

Today I’d like to share my method for making the best coffee ever. And the best part… It’s a fraction of the cost of buying from a coffee shop. I love to make great coffee for my family & friends.

You will need –

  1. Stovetop Percolator
  • I have a variety of sizes but my favourite is the 2 cup. They make one large cappuccino or latte & I find them quick. I have two so if I’m making coffee for two I just use them both. I bought my stainless steel stovetop coffee makers off eBay for A$12.95 each with free P & H however you can buy good ones at most kitchenware stores.

2.  A microwave safe jug

3.  A battery operated milk frother

4.   Your favourite coffee cup. 

  • I love to use a bamboo cup  was given to me as a gift. It’s bright & happy.

       5.   Ground Coffee Beans

  • I buy mine from a good coffee roaster & they pre grind them to suit stovetop or plunger but if you are keen, you can grind your own. I keep mine in the freezer and it stays super fresh. Most places sell 250g packs so you can try a few. My absolute favourite is 

    Blue Batak

    Click on the link to check it out. It costs around A$40 per Kg, which in Australia, is about the cost of 7 or 8 cappuccinos from a coffee shop.

    6. The milk of your choice

    STEP 1

    Fill the bowl to just under the valve with fresh water.

    STEP 2

    Place the coffee filter into the bowl & fill with ground coffee beans of your choice. Pack it lightly. I just pick up the bowl & tap it on the bench a couple of times to level it out. Sometimes you will get clumps of coffee beans, however you can just tap them with your spoon to break them up before you put it in the bowl.

    STEP 3

    Screw the top of the coffee pot on firmly, take care not over tighten. Place it on your stove. I put it on a medium heat, it takes a little bit longer, but it’s worth it as you can burn the coffee if you aren’t careful.

    STEP 4

    While the coffee brews, measure 250mls of the milk or milk substitute of your choice into the jug.

    Pop it in the microwave & set the timer to 1:20. Don’t press start just yet though.

    Set up your favourite coffee mug, add sugar if you desire & watch your coffee pot carefully. You will hear the pot start to percolate.

    Press start on the microwave to begin heating your milk.

    I check the level in the pot & when the coffee reaches the desired level in the top chamber, I turn the hot plate off & take the pot off the heat.

    Take a deep breath. The smell is amazing.

    STEP 5

    Take the milk out of the microwave & remove any skin that may have formed. This happens sometimes as it’s hard to gauge that exact moment the milk reaches the perfect temperature.

    Using your frother, begin to whisk the milk. Work with the end of the frother towards the top of the milk most of the time, just bob it up & down until you get a nice fine foam.

    Add your espresso to your mug. Pour the frothed milk into the centre of the coffee mug finishing with the froth on top. Add some powdered chocolate & you are good to go.

    PS This takes a bit of time & practise to get it right, but it’s so worth it.

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

    Until next time